An opposition-led rally was held on October 24, 2017 in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur to denounce corruption in ...
Mong Palatino
Wed, 18 Oct 17 is the e-commerce platform that contributes towards the omnichannel approach of Challenger’s holistic retail strategy. In an Epoch Times ...
Cindy Liew
Mon, 16 Oct 17
Artist and political activist Seelan Palay was arrested by the Singapore police on October 1, 2017 for conducting “unlawful assembly” ...
Mong Palatino
Tue, 10 Oct 17
Malaria is long thought of as an African problem. Yet close to home, in the Asia-Pacific region, over 2 billion ...
Morgan Awyong
Mon, 9 Oct 17
This pop-up concept may still be relatively new to retailers in Singapore and Asia. However, this trend has been around ...
Li Yen
Mon, 2 Oct 17
An Epoch Times Survey
Slush, a “student-driven non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship”, has been making a global presence.
Won Xue Li
Sat, 30 Sep 17
On September 10, 2017, about a thousand women from all walks of life gathered in the Malaysian capital of Kuala ...
Mong Palatino
Wed, 27 Sep 17
Mr Azan Tengku, Director of Kalms (Singapore) Pte Ltd, foresees Singapore overtaking Japan in the vending machine culture in “just ...
Li Yen
Tue, 26 Sep 17
Hundreds of anti-communist protesters in Indonesia surrounded the office of a human rights group which was discussing the events in ...
Mong Palatino, Juke Carolina
Sat, 23 Sep 17
On average, each Singapore resident discards one in three spoons of edible food – every meal, every day. (
Luan Do
Thu, 21 Sep 17
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Singapore police have summoned 17 individuals for participating in a candlelight vigil held on July 13, 2017, accusing the group ...
Mong Palatino
Fri, 15 Sep 17
“How do we as a species evolve towards a place of higher-consciousness? May we not celebrate as beautiful our differences ...
Cindy Liew
Fri, 15 Sep 17
Have you ever been in an online chatgroup that made you uncomfortable? Or have you ever seen online postings that ...
Renee Wong
Thu, 14 Sep 17
Have you heard of The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG)? And do you know that apart from Singapore, the “food bank” ...
Jocelyn Neo
Mon, 11 Sep 17