Exposure to traumatic experiences in childhood can have a negative impact on the development of the brain when it’s most ...
Sarah Baracz, Femke Buisman-Pijlman
Thu, 19 Oct 17
It’s 6:45 on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning. The alarm blares. As you begin to wake and wonder how ...
Alessandro R. Demaio
Thu, 19 Oct 17
The first successful gene therapy for an inherited form of blindness was recently reviewed by an expert panel of advisers ...
Sten Andreasson
Thu, 19 Oct 17
A video has been made capturing how the body digests Ramen noodles, and it might serve as a warning to ...
Jack Phillips
Thu, 19 Oct 17
Volunteering may improve cognitive function of older adults, especially for women and those with lower levels of education.
Sheena Rice
Thu, 19 Oct 17
An Epoch Times Survey
You’ve heard this before, right? Physical activity is good for your heart, your overall health – and, believe it or ...
Matthew Mclaughlin, John Bellettiere, Natasha Bliss
Thu, 19 Oct 17
Daily exposure to bright white light in the middle of the day significantly decreases symptoms of depression and increases functioning ...
Kristin Samuelson
Thu, 19 Oct 17
People planning to conceive should be aware of common chemicals that can affect fertility. Here, Mark Green, lecturer in reproductive ...
University of Melbourne
Wed, 18 Oct 17
As the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. While death is inevitable, the ...
Jeyaraj Vadiveloo
Wed, 18 Oct 17
Food fraud is everywhere. In the aftermath of the horsemeat scandal in Europe, and with cases reported around the world, ...
Sylvain Charlebois
Wed, 18 Oct 17
AcuSLIM - Acupuncture Weight Loss Programme
If you’ve ever felt your heart race as you looked down from the top of a tall ladder, you’re not ...
Rebekah Boynton, Anne Swinbourne
Tue, 17 Oct 17
Cigarette filters were initially introduced by the tobacco industry in the 1960s to make cigarettes “safer”. But we now know ...
Kathryn Barnsley, Haydn Walters
Tue, 17 Oct 17
Albert Einstein attributed his brilliant mind to having a child-like sense of humour. Indeed, a number of studies have found ...
Lowri Dowthwaite
Tue, 17 Oct 17
About one in four pregnancies in the UK ends in miscarriage. Around one in every 200 births is a stillbirth ...
Sheelagh McGuinness, Dimitrios Siassakos
Mon, 16 Oct 17