A mysterious disease that’s killing deer across North America could spread to humans, scientists are warning.
Zachary Stieber
Sat, 27 Jan 18
New graphene printing technology can produce electronic circuits that are low-cost, flexible, highly conductive and water repellent, researchers report.
Mike Krapfl
Sat, 27 Jan 18
Imagine you are about to go on vacation. You have been looking forward to it for some time. But your ...
Peter Hancock
Sat, 27 Jan 18
Signals associated with tidal cycles could potentially provide advanced warning of certain types of volcanic eruptions.
Kevin Stacey
Fri, 26 Jan 18
Researchers have found a way to get electrons to travel much farther than was previously thought possible in materials for ...
Gabe Cherry
Thu, 25 Jan 18
An Epoch Times Survey
Did you know that when you take certain genetic tests, the company can make money by on-selling your data to ...
Caitlin Curtis, James Hereward
Wed, 24 Jan 18
We are not used to considering dust as a valuable material – unless it comes from space. And more precisely, ...
Donia Baklouti, Anaïs Bardyn, Hervé Cottin
Wed, 24 Jan 18
In the future, should we try to fight climate change by spraying sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere to form ...
Todd Bates
Wed, 24 Jan 18
We are bathed in starlight. During the day we see the Sun, light reflected off the surface of the Earth ...
Michael J. I. Brown
Tue, 23 Jan 18
In 1927 Henry Williamson published Tarka the Otter, the story of an otter living in the Torridge River in Devon, ...
John Toohey
Tue, 23 Jan 18
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Infrastructure supports and facilitates our daily lives – think of the roads we drive on, the bridges and tunnels that ...
Congrui Jin
Tue, 23 Jan 18
Climate change is increasing the frequency and strength of some types of extreme weather in the United States, particularly heat ...
Garth Heutel, David Molitor, Nolan Miller
Tue, 23 Jan 18
Marine debris, or flotsam, clumps together as it moves on the surface of the ocean, new research featuring the largest ...
Hannah Hickey
Tue, 23 Jan 18
In a significant development for global fisheries, blockchain technology is now being used to improve tuna traceability to help stop ...
Candice Visser, Quentin Hanich
Tue, 23 Jan 18